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Walk-ins Welcome

You never need to call ahead when you need work done, stop by and let us know what the issues are. We work on machines in the order they come in. Need it back quicker? Ask about our Elevated Support.

Elevated Support

Need your PC back quicker? Are you a business or a student going to college? We offer Elevated Support so you can get back to what’s important, quicker. Call for more info!


Not sure where to take your old PC’s? If you purchase a new machine from C&H PC, we’ll recycle your old machine free of cost! Call us for more info on all other recycling questions.


Mobile Ready

Your mobile presence will allow people access to information about your company, prices, updates and so much more gaining you prospective clientele.

Everybody is on the go now-a-days, getting information quick and easily is top priority when it comes to a web presence.

C&H PC provides mobile support to any new website, and is quickly upgrading all our older sites to join them!


Already have a presence online through social media?

We can integrate your Twitter feed, Facebook wall and any other type of social media you already have! Connecting your existing customers to your new online presence.

Integrating social media & being mobile ready is a definite for any upcoming or existing company. Call us today for more information!

email inspector pro spam filter candhpc
  • Using our system you can prevent 95% of viruses from infiltrating your network.
  • All of your emails are scanned on external servers for malware, trojans, phishing and scams.
  • Our system will save you valuable time, eliminating the need to sift through fake emails.
  • The inspector is incredibly affordable, the more users you have, the cheaper the cost.
  • We offer many different user options – change language and country settings, filter out specific keywords and much more.