C&H PC, Inc


Offsite Backup

Worried about losing data? Have years of client information? Don’t risk losing all your hard work, let us keep your data safe for you.

In an ever changing and growing technology world, feel safer knowing that your data will be stored off-site to our location. You’ll will always have a back up of crucial files. In the business world, the unforeseen can happen. Fire, flood and viruses can destroy your data, but with this service you’ll have peace of mind knowing your data is safe! You will meet new requirements by insurance companies for disaster recovery planning.

Like the many other services we provide, it’s all pain free. Our technicians do all the work and the backups are monitored daily as to make sure everything is running smooth. You won’t need to change anything with your current set-up.

Computer Services & Sales

We are a reseller for many major computer and laptop manufacturers.  Stop in or call us before you make your purchase.  Make sure you ask about repair pic_01time and costs.  See Fast Repairs below..

Laptop Services & Sales

We service and repair all laptop makes and models.


Not sure what your business or home computer needs are?  Call us we can help you decide the best products to meet your needs.

We can help streamline your processes!  Make the most of your employees job functions and time management.  Electronic processes can only improve your business functions.

Fast Repairs

Consider purchasing at C&H PC before any retail store.  Repairs and service can take up to 14 days and sometimes require you to mail your product to the manufacturer at your cost.

Non- functional computers, laptop, tablets in your home, business or on the go can be frustrating. When devices are not working properly it can be a real crisis. From your computer at home to business, we provide solutions for every environment.  At our company your business comes first!

Remote Support

We provide remote support. An internet connection is all you need for us to connect and address the problem you are having. Call us and we securely connect to your device.  Our clients love this feature!  We are a local trust worthy company who have your best interest.  However, sometimes you may still need to bring your laptop, tower or tablet to us.


We will then diagnose your pc for a small fee. In the case that we fix any issues your having, we will apply the fee to the services we provide.

Virus’ can be fixed with a simple cleanup, if this is not the correct action for your device we may recommend format and reload, saving your pictures and documents so you never lose any data!