C&H PC, Inc

Web Design

We design your website to fit your business needs!

Website Development

We can work with you to develop an outstanding website to fit your business needs.  Our website designers ensure your website is visible and functional in all browser platforms.  As the technological world moves forward, there is a need to integrate social media into your website.

Some people feel that you only need a social media page and a Google listing, however you are missing out on perspective business.  Your perspective clients will find you in search engines, will visit you Facebook page, however this only provides limited information about your service(s).

Customers are intrigued by your Facebook, Twitter Tweets, but the customer that provides more information on their website, will capture their interest.

Website Maintenance

We work daily to maintain websites. Email or call us with any changes and or concerns and it will be reviewed upon request.

Website Hosting

Having a website doesn’t get any easier. We take care of the work, so you can take care of your business!